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Why Choose CCBD Group?

01. Relationships / ROI

We can Ensure a Fast Return

When working with CCBD Group to grow your Construction business, you benefit from the key relationships we have created and maintained in the Industry. Our business development service enables Contractors to work within those relationships for their current and upcoming projects, which is why our client win rate is 70%. 

With 5000+ Main Contractors alone under our Consultancy division, we ensure we work on the right projects for you, at the right time and with the right client resulting in a quicker ROI for your business.

02. Sustainability

Time To Grow

Sustainability is a critical aspect of a business's success and a key factor for the industry itself.

Implementing robust business strategies and acquiring key clients provide Subcontractors with a sustainable business plan.

Main Contractors/Developers/Local Authorities need sustainability through their teams and supply chain to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget with the right vetted Subcontractors for the work.

Sustainability for the industry comes from Subcontractors & Main Contractors working together to deliver projects which have a positive outcome for society and the environment.

03. Multiple Divisions

Every Service You Need

With seven divisions under the Group, there is nothing we can't do to support your business. Whether winning new clients and work, supply chain management and procurement support, a brand new marketing strategy and new organic content, Health and Safety, tender pricing to even materials and more. You'll see why CCBD Group is the UK's only and No.1 fully integrated service for Construction.

04. Experience

Client Experience Generated by Our Own

With over 30 years of combined business development and industry experience resulting in long-term vital relationships throughout the industry, CCBD Group will support your company through every step of your growth.

Our reputation, performance history, resources and relationships prove that your business growth is our promise.

05. Streamlining

Our Mission Statement - Streamline Construction for All

Our Consultancy division streamlines the supply chain, procurement and tender process for Main Contractors/Developers/Local Authorities. While using our time and resources, you'll see why in 2021, we assisted our client's projects with 980 trade packages, and we are on track to finish even stronger in 2022.

By providing Subcontractors with in-hand key relationships and live work to be advanced for, it streamlines the Subcontractor's tender process by ensuring they are with the right client for the right project at the right time.

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