CCBD Groups Tender Pricing service enables Contractors to outsource their pricing to a team of leading professionals when you don't have time to get a price submitted.

The cost implication of tendering work plays a huge factor in a company's expenditure, and we appreciate that all SMEs need a professional service that still fits within their budget.

Our Tender Pricing service means your projects can be priced by leading surveyors for the lowest price across the market, making tendering easy.

Our vision is to support all businesses across all tiers with their tendering process, enabling them to concentrate on the work and the day-to-day running of their business, knowing that tenders will be priced accurately and submitted on time.

Along with the above service, please see below the other services all including in this division:

Quantity Surveying

Commercial & Project Management 

Bid Management

Estimating / Cost Planning 

Contract Negotiation

Procurement / Supply Chain Management & Strategies 

Dispute Resolution 

Loss & Expense Claims 

Final Account Preparation


Interim Support both Commercial & Operational

Sub-Contract Support

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