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CCBD Groups Consultancy Division supports Clients, Main Contractors, Developers and Local Authorities across the UK. Our service streamlines the tender process by providing supply chain management, procurement and tender support services for current and upcoming projects.

The benefits our clients have is we provide Business Development for Subcontractors across the UK, across various trades and they are all pre-vetted through our partnership within the SSIP Group.


Working with SMAS Worksafe (part of the SSIP group) enables CCBD Group to support Main Contractors, Developers & Local Authorities by advancing the highest standard of Subcontractors for the works. CCBD Group will also call upon SMAS members for pricing of works should CCBD Groups clients be at full capacity, resulting in all trades being sourced for each single project our clients have across the UK.

We are working with some of the biggest names in the Industry and what CCBD Group can give you is Sustainability.

We work with our Subcontractor clients day in day out so we know who is local to your project, who has capacity, who is accredited and who has the financial backing to take on the works.

We appreciate that when you send an invitation to tender out, you won’t always know the status of the company receiving that tender and this in short leaves you stuck getting prices from certain trades which will put pressure on deadlines.

We eliminate that risk by using our time and resources to source the right Contractors to price the work.

What you will notice with CCBD Group is we understand you are a business and in turn you also want growth with new business and additional revenue. The best way for that is to simply deliver to all of your clients requirements to gain repeat work and that all comes down to your supply chain and the Subcontractors you appoint for the work.

Contact the team today and see how CCBD Group can streamline your supply chain, procurement and tender process.

If you are also looking at business growth, our business development service (with a 68.8% client win rate) can certainly support you with gaining new clients and securing new work!