CCBD Groups Health & Safety division will enable contractors to be fully supported by our partner SMAS Worksafe.


SMAS Worksafe is one of the UK's leading complete form SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). They are a Health & Safety Assessment organisation that takes great pride in professionalism, customer service and efficiency.


As one of the UK's leading health and safety accreditors, they work with various major organisations across the UK and have developed experience and expertise in new build construction. They also deal with many other construction organisations, including those in the Education and Care sectors.


As a dedicated H&S assessment company, they do not get distracted by other activities such as H&S Training or Consultancy. This means that you can be confident that there is no conflict of interest in our assessment decisions.


All assessors are qualified H&S professionals & have completed the SSIP Assessor Training, and are audited annually by an independently appointed SSIP Auditor.


SMAS has developed their software to manage its Contractor database, which means that the process works smoothly and efficiently. Allowing technology to control much of the routine work suggests that the staff can concentrate on talking to contractors, guiding them through the process and exceeding their expectations.


All of the assessments are undertaken In-House, allowing them to offer a consistent standard across assessments. The minimum requirements they assess against are set out in the SSIP Core Criteria. The skill of the assessor is to interpret the information provided and ensure it relates to the nature and scope of the business being assessed.


CCBD Groups Business Development Division will also be including the first year's SMAS FREE.

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